The best transformations continue to evolve and change over time.

The best transformations continue to evolve. 

MMG stands out as a fresh voice in the work of change management to include people’s humanity holistically. Partnering with us gains you access to our proprietary process, Racial Equity and Belonging Audit (otherwise known as a REBA). REBA centers four key phases: 

Research and Discovery
Discussion and Dialogue
Design and Development
Action and Collaboration

Each phase is rooted in mixed-methods research, including quantitative survey data and analysis, qualitative interviews, document data collection, and synthesis. Using our core pillars of accountability and repair, justice and harm reduction, courage and imagination, our research methodologies shed light for organizations who are deeply committed to creating and reimagining what their organization could be beyond the bounds of systemic oppression.

Research is the first step within radical change management. Through our precise analysis, we are able to distill insights and create an impactful action plan for your organization. 

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