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MMG is a change management firm redefining innovation in the white-dominant change management industry. We leverage the power of data and mixed-methods research, sustainable growth, and never before seen approaches to giving the people the tools they need to excel as human beings at work.

Who We Are

Black and non-binary-led, MMG is a research and change management firm completely leveling and re-inventing the world of change management.


Research, Audits, and Assessments

Leverage the Power of Data

Who said that? Data helps us to do what most change management work does not: actually listen to people and seek shared understanding. Our custom research processes are collaborative experiences that help people in organizations identify where they are on the spectrum of progress, evolution, and organizational justice. Why give a person a fish, when you can show them how to build approaches to food production that are most impactful for their family, community, and world? That’s the power of data.

Change Management

Solve Problems, Systemically

The work doesn’t begin or end at training. What problem are we actually trying to solve? MMG partners with tech companies, progressive organizations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and more to develop effective strategies and data-informed action plans for transforming workplaces and communities where people can build and thrive together.


Build Capacity, Organize People

We work with some of the most brilliant minds in the world to tackle some of the most complex problems related to institutional harm, systemic injustice, and interpersonal conflict. We specialize in helping teams develop equitable and accountability-centered principles and policies at the intersection of power, identity, and work practice.



Memorable content, accessible videos, curated resources, and powerful activities for you, your team, and your community. Whether it be about building unions, using human centered design to seek repair, better understanding power and identity, our online learning platform has it all. Video lessons are available anytime, from wherever you are.

People are talking

Success Stories

“MMG created space for a dialogue that we had at the theoretical level, and brought the conversation to our own lived experience and environment.”

Katy Love

The Wikimedia Foundation

“McKensie is a leader. I have been in rooms where I witnessed McKensie changing minds over the course of a brief talk or half-day training.”

Winifred Oliff

Howard Brown Health

“In my many years, I’ve never seen such an unequivocally, vociferously positive response [from conference attendees].”

Karen Munro


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